Live Enterprise with SAP

At the center of every enterprises’ journey is the spirit of transforming into a Live Enterprise by digitizing their core, increasing operational capability, reimagining customer engagement and augmenting process execution with the new digital technologies. Enterprises must refocus their cloud strategies to sharpen their competitive edge.

Cloud is already empowering businesses across four areas of competency: Speed, capability, security and resilience, and scale, according to the Infosys Cloud Radar Report 2021. The report is based on a recent survey of 2500 executives representing enterprises with revenues exceeding US$500 million across five countries and 12 industries. The survey showed that enterprises with higher cloud performance indices use the cloud more frequently for progressive goals such as accelerating development and time-to-market, and discovering new revenue streams. It revealed that effective cloud usage could add nearly US$414 billion to the annual profits of enterprises in the countries surveyed through these goals.

Infosys, in collaboration with SAP RISE including Business Technology Platform (BTP) and Business Process Intelligence (BPI), provides ‘Transformation-as-a-service’ to global enterprises under the ‘Live Enterprise with SAP’ offering. The service offering will help enterprises accelerate their transformation journey to cloud and strengthen digital capabilities, while adopting progressive operating models and holistically transforming talent to realize higher level of business outcomes.

Infosys Live Enterprise with SAP helps in accelerating digital transformation