How DevOps Can Improve Mainframe App Agility

DevOps needs three things to work: people, culture and automation. DevOps improves time-to-market for mainframe applications by bringing the development and operations teams together for development. With automation, this culture change plays a key role in shortening the development lifecycle and ensuring a better quality product. It also brings up validation tests earlier in the development lifecycle, helping developers to better filter out and correct bugs during the development process.

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DevOps for Digital Enterprises

DevOps is fast assuming greated importance in deciding the agility of an enterprise. A robust DevOps set up is crucial for successful agile delivery and minimal risks. It greatly optimizes release management costs and team productivity resulting in reduced time to market. At the same time, Devops enables organizations to make rapid product releases with increases quality and manage customer’s expectations.

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DevOps for legacy systems – The demand of the changing applications landscape

The pace of business is getting faster as game changers like digitalization, cloud computing and big data take over the business world. Enterprises are looking to deploy new features rapidly, resulting in frequent application releases as opposed to the earlier one time release scenario. In this paper we outline some of the technical issues in adopting the DevOps methodology for legacy systems and ways to achieve continuous delivery and successfully handle frequent releases.

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