DevOps Solutions to Accelerate Application Delivery

Accelerate application delivery to match the speed of your business

Are traditional application delivery methodologies slowing down your business value delivery? With the need to deliver faster and better, it is critical to transform from continuous development to continuous delivery. DevOps helps transform to continuous and agile delivery for faster Speed to Value

Adopt DevOps to realize faster time to value

Infosys DevOps accelerates the adoption of DevOps across the enterprise through a progressive transformation of technology, process and people.

  • Technology - Eliminate manual intervention with zero-touch automation across the IT value stream
  • Process - Establish an integrated process model across teams and develop a strategy spanning the entire value chain from business requirements to business value delivery
  • People - Promote increased collaboration among stakeholders that supports an integrated team model with shared business goals

Infosys DevOps is a unique approach built on a framework that is:

DevOps Solutions


Repeat and multiply the success and benefits of automation with the Infosys DevOps Platform. Our ‘build once, deploy multiple times’ automation blueprint covering a comprehensive technology stack helps you copy and deploy automation pipelines in similar portfolios with minimal changes.

DevOps Solutions & Offerings


Embrace change in a non-disruptive manner with a framework that co-exists and blends seamlessly with your existing ecosystem The approach helps build a matrix based framework to integrate Dev and Ops processes in a phased manner without impacting business as usual activities. The approach does a value stream analysis to optimize the existing organization process to aid faster delivery instead of building a whole new process from the scratch. As part of the approach, we do a tools evaluation across the portfolios to create a standard set of tools for each technology stack that can be leveraged across the portfolios.

DevOps Technology Solutions


Monitor all operations using a shared integrated metrics model visualized on a common dashboard. Analytics and machine learning techniques help you predict anomalies and system defects, thereby improving availability and ensuring business continuity.

DevOps Integration Solutions


Deliver business features faster with minimal manual intervention, higher collaboration and robust automation – enabled by an integrated and collaborative team model, shared metrics model and the Infosys DevOps Platform.

DevOps Systems & Solutions


Our ecosystem of reusable automation pipelines and partner products give you dependable and sustainable automation along with people and process transformation.


Enhance the availability, stability and reliability of your systems with embedded auto-gating mechanism that helps build quality in every phase of the value stream.

Get ready to fast-track your business value delivery with Infosys DevOps. For enquires, contact