Why Infosys DevOps?

Infosys DevOps accelerates the DevOps adoption in the client organization through progressive transformation across the 3 key tenets of technology, process and people. It brings in technology innovation with zero-touch automation across the IT value stream, process transformation using lean and agile practices and people transformation through an integrated team model with shared business goals that increases collaboration among stakeholders to define an end-to-end strategy for business value delivery.

Infosys DevOps is built on the Infosys RAPID-Q framework that is Repeatable, Adaptable, Predictable, Integrated, Dependable, and Quality-driven. The framework leverages ready-made CICD pipelines customized for each technology stack and below-mentioned Infosys IPs to deliver features at the speed of business

  • The Infosys DevOps Platform (IDP) helps you simplify and automate onboarding of applications onto CI/CD pipeline through a centrally-hosted platform that is available as-a-service with self-service capabilities and a range of industry-leading tools and practices.
  • The Infosys DevOps Unified Dashboard provides a one-stop shop to visualize and track metrics across the application life cycle phases.

The Infosys DevOps accelerators and RAPID-Q framework help you:

  • Reduce cycle time through automated build, deployment and testing
  • Avert/reduce application staging errors in multiple environments (Dev/QA/prod)
  • Detect and fix issues upstream and early in the build-to-deploy lifecycle
  • Reduce effort spent in consolidating execution status across application lifecycle
  • Get analytics and insight driven reports on multiple release views and trend charts

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Get ready to fast-track your business value delivery with Infosys DevOps. For enquires, contact devops@infosys.com