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Unit Load Devices Asset Control solution

Airlines own a floating stock of approximately 1.2 million unit load devices (ULDs) to transport cargo and passenger baggage. The ULDs are either tracked manually or through bar code scanning.

Airlines frequently transfer freight from one carrier to another in the course of shipment. Airlines may lose ULDs due to ineffective tracking or theft (lost units are estimated at three percent of worldwide stock). Consequently, airlines end up losing over US$3.5 million in demurrage. In addition, shortage of ULDs results in revenue losses.

Infosys Unit Load Devices Asset Control solution is an automated and centralized global ULD tracking system. Our solution is based on a Web services model under SAP’s OER RFID for sharing ULD data. Backed by a mature RFID practice, Infosys makes a business case for UMS ensuring maximum return on investment (ROI). Our solution isolates pallets to reduce the number of ULDs being tracked by 50 percent.


  • Efficient use of total ULD assets
  • Reduced annual spend of an estimated US$57 million on the purchase of new ULD equipment and US$150 million per annum on ULD maintenance and repair
  • Better tracking of TD cargo and aircraft spares by leveraging RFID infrastructure
  • Better utilization of ULD floating stock
  • Reduced loss of ULDs, thereby improving cargo revenues through better circulation of ULDs
  • Lower ULD inventory carrying costs
  • Better working capital management and reduced losses due to pilferage and damage to ULDs
  • Improved efficiency of cargo sales managers and cargo airport managers
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