Case Studies

Development of an intelligent reservoir monitoring system


The client is one of the world's largest oil field services companies. The company provides a range of oil and gas services, including drilling, completion, and production systems. As part of its completion offerings, the client has developed a precision optical sensing technology to gather down-hole pressure, temperature, and flow parameters. At the time of development, this was the first and one-of-its-kind, all-optical, passive down-hole sensor technology.

Business need

The optical sensing technology was built as a greenfield venture. It started off with a proof-of-concept model and over a period of five years it has matured into a mainstay product line for the client. During the course of this development from proof-of-concept through production version, the client wanted to focus on the core technology, domain expertise and marketing, while outsourcing the embedded and application software development to a world-class partner.

The challenge

When Infosys started off as a partner, the product was not fully defined and went through much iterations from concept through production stages. Due to these ongoing changes, it was important to lay out a robust and flexible technical architecture at the base and build the various layers above that foundation. Apart from this, Infosys had to understand this brand new technology and complex functionalities, required due to changing product definition and client needs. The initial scope of prototype development changed into multiple product line definitions and development.

Our solution

Infosys developed the embedded software that consists of device drivers, Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Firmware, DSP algorithms and graphical user interface-based application software for this product line. The Infosys team was involved in architecture definition, development, and ongoing testing of the application. Using distributed architecture, the product was enabled for access from onshore while the product was deployed in an offshore environment. The system handled both 'well monitoring' and 'well test' modes. The fault-tolerant architecture provided extremely low downtime, and the surface application was enabled to handle multiple well data. Infosys also built various plug-ins for connecting to SCADA systems.


Rapid, predictable, and high-quality software development helped the client bring this cutting-edge product to the market at the right time, ahead of competition. High-quality software ensured that the product could be deployed in mission-critical production environments such as unmanned remote oil fields in many parts of the world.

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