Case Studies

GIS-based information management portal for an oil and gas major

The client

A global energy company wanted to digitize its oil well files and enable multidisciplinary collaboration.

Business need
  • Gaps in document management: Searching and retrieving documents was difficult as oil well files were stored in multiple locations and shared drives.
  • Collaboration not always supported by systems and processes: The absence of a common platform and processes did not allow information exchange between multidisciplinary teams.
  • Silos in Geospatial Information System (GIS): The lack of a unified GIS to support oil well location evaluation hindered the ability to take informed decisions and resulted in delayed decision-making.

Our solution

Infosys reviewed the business processes, identified gaps in how information was managed, and developed an information management strategy. We provided an end-to-end business solution, including a strategy, solution design, solution development, overall program management, hard copy oil well file document scanning, and migration.

Infosys developed a GIS-based information management portal to integrate production data, electronic documents, and spatial data. The portal used GIS to manage spatial information; Documentum to manage document information; and existing database management systems to manage production data. The solution enabled stakeholders to collaborate during new oil well planning and development activities.


Infosys GIS-based Information Management portal solution delivered several benefits:

  • Collaboration: Multidisciplinary teams share information and take prompt and informed decisions
  • Efficiency: Quick document and data access through a scalable system enhanced organizational efficiency
  • Data and knowledge transfer: Improved the ability to capture and transfer data
  • Compliance: Improved the ability to meet regulatory requirements
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