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Talent and Learning Management

Your oil and gas enterprise faces a knowledge challenge: experienced professionals are set to retire while new personnel need to continually acquire skills. You need to address this challenge with strategies to attract, train, and retain personnel.

The Infosys Oil and Gas practice helps you build a talent pipeline to meet business requirements. Our talent and learning management solutions deepen employee engagement, while retaining vital knowledge and skills. We combine traditional learning with digital learning models to help your professionals acquire knowledge. Our blended approach empowers your workforce with a holistic understanding of the oil and gas landscape, including business transformation, regulatory compliance, and change management.

Infosys offers advisory and assessment services to address workforce training. Our portfolio of competency-oriented solutions and customized learning interventions enhance your learning and development programs. Metrics-based project management delivers major learning transformations, within specified timelines and budgets.

We develop integrated learning solutions and migrate data from legacy learning systems. We integrate enterprise learning management platforms with ERP and knowledge management systems to facilitate knowledge sharing and collaborative decision-making. Our performance management techniques maximize returns on talent development programs by tracking the effectiveness of training.

Talent and Learning Management Solutions

Infosys advantage

  • Proprietary product and platform evaluation framework that selects the core learning management system based on specific requirements.
  • Knowledge management tools and best practices to accelerate talent development – technical, software engineering, non-functional, and project management skills.
  • Automation tools that accelerate the learning process and minimize the cost of assessment and reporting.
  • Rich experience in curriculum and learning content development.
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