Data is Foundational for an Autonomous Supply Chain: bp

bp established a global procurement organization and migrated enterprise data to the cloud as a precursor to AI-driven supply chain operations.

In a podcast hosted by MIT Technology Review Insights, in partnership with Infosys Cobalt, Raimundo Martinez, global digital solutions manager of procurement and supply chain, discusses the digital transformation journey of bp.

Key Takeaways:

Multiplier Effect of Data

AI, ML, and advanced analytical tools require a robust data layer to improve operational efficiency. The reorganization of procurement departments and data centralization enable bp to leverage emerging technologies that consume clean datasets for semi-autonomous supply chain operations.

The Cloud Imperative

A unified data source boosts reporting by avoiding data discrepancies. Cloud migration of supply chain data homogenizes operations across business units at bp. Further, cloud-hosted data repositories provide a single source of truth for operations and reporting.

Business outcomes

Automated platforms improve transparency and visibility into enterprise systems. As part of the digital transformation, process automation enabled bp to reduce cycle times, improve communication, boost supply chain visibility, and create an audit trail.

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Published with permission of MIT Technology Review Insights