Solution highlights

Infosys adopted a top-down and bottom-up approach to re-engineer and move the legacy enterprise billing application onto a strategic platform. A well thought-through design minimized the number of redundant interfaces. To meet the client’s expectations of a quick implementation, they optimized the migration schedule through parallel development. Infosys also leveraged proprietary tools such as iDSS, MASKIT and Interface Approach for faster data migration as well as the Infosys CSGi lab for choosing the best solution design.

Business value

The new platform increased revenue assurance and improved business agility. The client achieved 30-35% savings on migration costs and USD 1.17 million in maintenance.

Solution highlights

Infosys converted and re-engineered the retail customer relationship management (CRM) application using different tools and accelerators. Test-driven development was adopted to accelerate delivery along with specific strategies for quicker rollout and early retirement. They leveraged intuitive user interface (UI) design and click-through development for user acceptance along with a dedicated team and customized tools to improve FT.

Business Value

Infosys delivered a single and simplified system on a web-based platform that reconciled 23 applications into a single application for the client and 62 screens into 10 screens with a 96.5% FT rate. Accelerating solution delivery from 16 to 12 months enabled a cost-effective and faster rollout. The new platform improved IT and business key performance indicators (KPIs) and reduced OPEX by 20-30%, helping the client achieve annual savings of US $13 million.

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