Solution highlights

A leading retailer was incurring high costs to run their mainframe portfolio for business applications. The existing system required 2800 million instructions per second (MIPS), over 10 million lines of code (MLOC), more than 3000 programs, and 1 TB of data. The client wanted to optimize their system for speed and agility to meet future business needs.

Business value

Infosys moved the mainframe applications and data to the Lintel platform, helping the client achieve annual cost savings of around USD 12 million.

Solution highlights

After assessing the client’s existing mainframe setup, we took the following steps to address their issues:

  • Migration of all applications with close to 3.5 million lines of code (MLOC) to the ‘Micro Focus on Windows’ platform, in two phases over a duration of 18 months
  • Migration of 3,500 jobs, 2,200 lines of COBOL, and 560 basic mapping support (BMS)
  • Migration of 450+ database tables worth over 350GB, around 6 TB of transactional/DASD data, and around 25 TB of historical tape data
  • Re-engineering ~160 SAS along with 20 REXX and assembler codes to COBOL and deploying them in Micro Focus

Business value

With our migration approach, we were successfully able to:

  • Modernize all unsupported technologies
  • Reduce total-cost-of-ownership (TCO) with zero business process impact
  • Achieve a projected reduction in mainframe costs by USD 20-25 million over the next five years
  • Provide for easier development and deployment of apps in the new Micro Focus environment
  • Seamlessly integrate all 80+ AS400 with Microsoft’s HIS server
  • Migrate the EDI process to Seeburger, a distributed platform

Solution highlights

After a thorough assessment of the client’s existing set-up and identification of key issues, the Infosys team devised a robust solution that included:

  • Migration through re-hosting, re-engineering, testing, and implementation in a phased manner
  • Migration of 2,000 programs and 1,600 jobs
  • Program management with multiple vendors
  • Creation of an application portfolio consisting of both batch and online applications

Business value

The solution enabled the client to:

  • Build a cost-efficient platform
  • Successfully migrate applications within the cost and time parameters
  • Achieve zero-downtime during the deployment
  • Drive significant cost savings by identifying and retiring redundant processes and reduction of CPU cycles
  • Improve the overall performance batch performance

Solution highlights

Infosys identified the high-CPU-usage jobs and optimized them by:

  • Creating indexes
  • Replacing the CURSOR in the DB2 program with an unload step
  • Removing improper usage of OUTER JOIN
  • Arranging columns in WHERE clause to ensure index usage
  • Reducing the number of iterations performed by the program

Infosys also implemented recommendations in the test region and verified the MIPS savings.

Business Value

The solution enabled a recommendations system and implemented key changes accounting for a total reduction of 371 MIPS, thus optimizing the client’s mainframe and boosting its efficiency.

Solution highlights

After analyzing the client’s mainframe systems and the associated performance and cost issues, the team designed a solution based on the Infosys mainframe modernization approach. This involved:

  • Migrating two business-critical applications with high MIPS-usage
  • Migrating 1.2 MLOC and 98 DB2 tables with 200 GB of data to SQL server 2005
  • Migrating 478 COBOL programs
  • App profiling to identify re-engineering and re-hosting candidates
  • Multiple stages of testing with parallel ‘run to production’ to ensure data correctness
  • Tuning to reduce batch window
  • Custom built security solution as cost of third party security and printing packages were high
  • Developing new components to enable scheduling in Micro Focus

Business value

The benefits of the solution included:

  • Improved real-time transaction throughput from 35 to 75 transactions per second
  • Improved performance and reduced batch window
  • Transition to a high-performance, low-MIPS mainframe, resulting in year-on-year cost savings

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