Digital Process Automation Solutions

Infosys Pega Refresh Kit

This kit comprises of a comprehensive set of tools and methodologies to anticipate challenges and complexities involved in Pega platform upgrades. It performs both quantitative and qualitative analysis of existing Pega applications, provides insights into customization, estimates effort and problems associated with upgrades, thereby making the upgrade more predictable.

Industries: Financial services, Telecom, Retail, Manufacturing

Infosys Continuous Deployment and Continuous Integration Solution

This is a centralized, web-based platform that can be leveraged by Pega projects to schedule automated builds, test regression and system integration, and automate deployments. Continuous integration aims to improve the quality of software and to reduce the time taken to deliver it, by replacing the traditional practice of applying quality control after completing all development.

Industries: All

Infosys Pega BPM Enterprise Adoption Framework (BEAM)

This is a comprehensive set of frameworks and methodologies to help organizations achieve their BPM vision. The solution contains a jumpstart kit with best practices, templates, and accelerators for faster and predictable delivery of BPM projects. Also, guidance is available for aligning BPM strategy with overall business and technology strategy.

Industries: Financial services, Telecom, Retail, Manufacturing

Infosys Project Lifecycle Solution

This solution is configured to help streamline and simplify Appian delivery for agile projects. It provides guided processes for the management of the entire project lifecycle. It provides a single workspace for capturing requirements, release/sprint planning, assigning tasks, resolving problems, etc. The solution dashboard provides reports and visual representation to track the progress of requirements/tasks.

Industries: Retail, telecom, financial services, manufacturing

Solution for Wearable Integration

This solution integrates with Samsung Gear to enable timely engagement with customers, field workers, case owners, etc. Important benefits of this solution include location-based contextualization and multi-channel engagement with stakeholders. Going forward, we plan to extend the integration with other technology vendors.

Industries: Retail, telecom, financial services, manufacturing

Infosys BPM Real Time (InBPMRT) framework

Intelligent case management framework enables easy management of complex and changing BPM processes. It includes business objective-oriented process design, which allows for customization to address specific business needs. It combines automation of work and social collaboration.

Industries: All

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