Industry Solutions

BPO Modernization with Robotics, BPM and AI

Increase the efficiency of contract centres by 50% by utilizing the power of BPM and Artificial Intelligence to make processes smarter, and decisions more adaptive. Apply robotics to automate repetitive human tasks freeing your customer associates’ time to focus on optimal customer engagement.

Reimagining Digital Customer Experience

Use best in class marketing and customer service practices for superior engagement across multiple customer touch points

Leverage the power of interaction management, smart scripting, intelligent process guidance, context-sensitive views, and touch-friendly access from mobile devices for service personnel and customers, Enjoy the advantage of value-based service level management, quality performance management, social engagement capabilities for real-time listening, analysing, and acting on social posts. Build greater intelligence into sales and marketing campaign management with real-time analytics and reporting.

Conversational UX for Customer Service

Transform an existing BPM customer service layer to provide intuitive conversational UX. Extend your BPM by understanding customer intents through natural language interface, understanding customer context across messaging and delivering voice platforms of users’ choice.

Robotics for Process Automation and Zero Code Integration

Use of robotics to automate human tasks, drive productivity and provide code-less integration. Quick and agile deployment without disrupting your existing legacy systems resulting in clear business case and time to value

Smart AI Driven Decision

Utilizes the power of Artificial Intelligence to make smart decisions dynamically based on adaptive learning. Leverage investments in big data and the process orchestration engine to drive actionable, context based and smarter decisions

AI driven smart solutions learn quickly from the environment and cumulative data including customer behavior data and apply the learning dynamically to create optimal solutions.

Transformation framework for Next-Gen Telcos

Innovate to deliver omnichannel Sales, automation in service and dynamic interactions while monetizing value moments at every step of the customer journey. Wrap around core Telecom operational processes to provide real time personalization and superior customer experience to end customers across multiple touch points

Client Lifecycle Management for Financial services

Enable management, monitoring and control over lifecycle processes right from the prospecting stage through on-boarding and fulfillment. We integrate KYC capabilities and onboarding to deliver seamless and data oriented customer experiences across channels and contexts.

Infosys Pega Refresh Kit

This kit comprises of a comprehensive set of tools and methodologies to anticipate challenges and complexities involved in Pega platform upgrades. It performs both quantitative and qualitative analysis of existing Pega applications, provides insights into customization, estimates effort and problems associated with upgrades, thereby making the upgrade more predictable.

Infosys Continuous Deployment and Continuous Integration Solution

This is a centralized, web-based platform that can be leveraged by Pega projects to schedule automated builds, test regression and system integration, and automate deployments. Continuous integration aims to improve the quality of software and to reduce the time taken to deliver it, by replacing the traditional practice of applying quality control after completing all development.

Infosys Loan Origination Platform (iLOP)

This is an Omni-channel platform designed to automate the components of the loan origination lifecycle. The solution provides for a common framework to handle geographic similarities, automatic generation of proposals based on customer risk and credit profile, and simplification of document handling through automated scanning (including on mobile devices). These features help processing teams deliver enhanced customer experience.

Sentiment Analysis Dashboard

This intuitive solution helps enterprises understand customer sentiments across various channels, such as online communities, email, and helpdesk. With this powerful analytics, enterprises can plan and track business decisions to convert brand adversaries into advocates. This helps create a great customer service story for organizations.

Enterprise Telecom Order Platform (e-TOP)

This platform enables service providers to rapidly build a comprehensive order management solution that comes with built-in agility to guide sales agents in making the right offer to the right customer, fulfilling orders on time, and preventing and resolving billing disputes.

Infosys McCamish VPAS® Customer Service Work Desk (CSWD)

Developed using CPMi framework, CSWD is a fully integrated customer service and workflow system that provides a unified, 360-degree view of the customer. Features like skill-based routing, comprehensive processing, and drill-down reporting help gain significant operational efficiencies and reduce agent onboarding time.

Infosys Decision driven Proactive Service Operations Orchestration Solution

It leverages Pega’s decision strategy management (DSM) framework to combine the power of IoT with dynamic decision strategies, data analytics, and straight-through processing to orchestrate service operations.

Infosys Underwriter Workbench

This is a next-generation underwriting solution that enables higher productivity and faster cycle times. It enhances the Pega PUI framework by providing GIS view (color coded), risk accumulation, support for mobile devices, and external agent integration.

Dynamic Case Management

This framework in Appian uses next-generation tools of social BPM and mobile UI to help enhance operations and unstructured work. It provides the ability to generate and modify processes during operation. It also allows for real-time monitoring of the case, provides case context to each actor, and extends Appian functionality to support collaboration among the various actors.

Digital Government Platform

Digital Government Platform to delight citizens by improving self-service, reducing service delivery time, the power of Pega platform, robotic automation and AI capabilities to amplify Citizen Potential (CzP) and Citizen Experience(CzX)

Digital Insurer

Helps insurers make better decisions, automate processes and deepen connections with customers and employees. Leverages Pega Decision Hub, RPA, Text Analytics and NLP

Intelligent B2B Order Management

Power of DPA for order management, to help manufacturing companies deliver better customer experience and realize operational efficiencies through BPM and robotics based process orchestration/automation, RPA, Text analytics and NLP driven interactions

Green Digital Bank Solution

Personalized customer experience using Omni channel. Amplify the power of Pega platform for OCR, RPA, ChatBot and AI capabilities to wow the customer. Enhanced customer’s happiness index collaborating Digital ecosystem

Meter-To-Cash Automation for Utilities

Enables utilities to leverage their existing technology assets and investments to provide a differentiated customer experience with Channel-less interactions, Case Management, Robotics, AI/ML wrapping existing systems

Digitizing Provider Credentialing

Provider verification by leveraging Pega Robotics to reduce turnaround time for background checks on individual practitioners or a group of practitioners for a practice group