Monitoring the health of critical assets in the Oil & Gas industry today relies on a human workforce that continues to age and is difficult to replace. This proves to be a challenge as the lack of continuous monitoring limits the equipment's high availability, leading to downtime and significant operational costs.

Current market solutions for digitization of critical assets in the industry are monolithic and expensive. The need of the hour is a fit-for-purpose solution to extend the reach of digitization to a majority of players in the marketplace.

How Infosys delivers value to its customers


Infosys Critical Rig Equipment Monitoring Solution aids in monitoring the health of industrial equipment, reasonably predict failure points, and provides a platform to manage rig operations. The solution uses advanced sensing technology that monitors vital health parameters such as machine vibration and surface temperature.

Infosys CREMS helps identify potential preventive maintenance activities and seamlessly integrates them with the designated maintenance schedules of the crew. The augmented reality based mobile application offered to the maintenance crew provides them with real-time health data of the equipment enabling them to carry out planned maintenance activities efficiently.


Challenges & Solutions

CREMS enables critical equipment with health monitoring parameters by instrumenting the sensors in a non-invasive manner. It offers a viable method for replacing the legacy methodologies to monitor health.

CREMS leverages advanced machine learning algorithms to continuously monitor and predict potential health incidents of critical rig equipment, enabling preventive maintenance activities to be scheduled well in advance of any equipment breakdown failures.

CREMS offers an immersive experience on a device of the field personnel's choice to easily inspect health parameters of the machines. The experience allows for timely closure of maintenance activities for equipment, thereby eliminating the need of traditional methods of data collection such as job sheets