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Monitoring Kanban Execution

In Kanban implementation, it is critical to understand the dynamics of flow, progress bottlenecks and non-value-adding tasks (wastage) that inflate the lead time.


Getting started with Continuous Integration in software development

DevOps culture is gaining rapid momentum in the IT industry. It has enabled business to adopt agile software delivery methodologies like Continuous Integration...


Kanban execution: Optimizing work-in-progress (WIP) Towards achieving a shorter lead time and better flow rate

This is the second of a three-part paper on Kanban . In the first paper “Assessing Kanban fitment in the fluid and fast-paced world of software development” we explained Kanban principles in simple terms to make it easier to understand Kanban applicability ...


Assessing Kanban fitment in the fluid and fast-paced world of software development

For efficient and faster software development cycles, enterprises have started adopting certain methodologies such as Kanban. The paper discusses the basics of...


DevOps for legacy systems – the demand of changing applications landscape

Digitization, cloud computing, and big data are taking over the business world as enterprises look to deploy newer features more often. To support...


Virtual Ops Center: Command Center for Global Business Operations

Most large organizations require global interactions on a day-to-day, if not hour-by-hour basis. The increasing complexity of such interactions leads to business...


A holistic approach to enterprise IT agility

'Agility' – that's the new watchword in most senior management circles. However, any 'agile' initiative must go beyond its mere adoption in a few projects. To successfully implement agility,...


Staying agile in a distributed environment

In an increasingly globalized economy, organizations often have development teams distributed across multiple geographic locations. This distributed environment poses certain challenges to the widely-used agile...


The Sixth Sense Factor

Companies rely on the successful execution of complex business processes. Multiple IT systems are part of these processes. The robustness, efficiency and success of these business processes impact customer satisfaction, business...

This white paper is a bonus feature of SETLabs Briefings issue on 'Performance Engineering and Enhancement' (January 2009)

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