Enterprise applications are critically important to the running of any enterprise – they are the lifeblood of the business. The journey in the enterprises area not only involves investment in new technology but also meticulous planning and precise migration, as well as integration of existing systems with new applications. It also includes the maintenance of systems, following the migration and integration. As Oracle experts, we help clients realize measurable business value from their investments through our offerings in the area of core Oracle technologies.

Challenges and opportunities

Justifying ROIs and tracking business outcomes from technology investments is proving increasingly daunting for CXOs. Enterprises are finding it difficult to meet rising challenges, including increasing stakeholder expectations, compliance frameworks, market volatility, need for more and more social commerce, pervasive computing, mobile workforce, and environmental concerns.

It has become essential for enterprises to make a real paradigm shift if they are to continue delivering value now and in the future. This calls for enterprise-wide insight, efficient analytics, unified databases, integrated processes, and streamlined workflows to ensure real-time collaboration and intelligent decision-making. IT is going to be a significant enabler and proven partner in every enterprise’s journey towards sustainable differentiation and growth.

How we deliver value

At the Oracle practice in Infosys, we combine the power of Oracle's best-of-breed products with our depth and breadth of expertise and a solutions and metrics-driven approach to deliver measurable business value to clients. We have invested significantly in creating new offerings that help overcome the challenges facing most enterprises.