Offering models and Service Excellence

Service Offering Models

The services that augment our next-gen BI cater to both the business and information technology needs of enterprises with a wide range of services –from consulting services to strategizing the BI roadmap to thoroughly implementing engagements that involve building, testing platforms, and rolling them out. Backed by cross-industry and domain-specific skills and experiences, we help enterprises leverage the full potential of BI by adopting proven frameworks and solutions that we have developed and used extensively in several use cases across verticals. Our implementation models support traditional, on premise, hybrid, and pure-play cloud deployments.

We transform our solution portfolio to bring together the best – from a range of common, off-the-shelf products to big data products to exciting products from niche start-ups to best-in-breed open source stacks – to ensure that specific BI and business goals are met. We also continue to grow the alliance and partner ecosystem and build and acquire the latest technology skills in our commitment to enable insight-driven enterprises for superior business performances.

Gold Standard

We have defined the Gold Standard for excellence in BI and analytics services. And we work with enterprises to enable them to achieve this standard in three stages - industrialize, monetize, and superior business performance.

Gold Standard for excellence in BI and analytics services

  • Industrialize: We help in the roll out and adoption of BI and analytics through automation and factory models, providing BI as a service model. This forms the foundation for enterprises to deliver insights to innovate, digitize, and optimize business processes and operational efficiencies
  • Monetize: We help enterprises improve business processes powered by BI at its core, such as in providing a complete data view of customers, consumers, products, transactions, maintenance, and support across the enterprise (such as ERP, BPM, CRM) system in ways such that enterprises discover the data and understand correlations that in turn open up new possibilities for forming new and innovative services and product
  • Superior Business Performance: Our ability to transform businesses in the digital economy is contingent to an enterprise’s ability to curate, manage, and leverage data. Powered by advanced analytical capabilities, we help manage and govern the changes in enterprises to ensure that next-gen data platforms are future-proof and continuously transforming to address the ever-evolving future needs.

We offer services in multiple business-aligned engagement models such as effort, end-to-end managed services, solution, pay-per-use, and more, which are based on subscription or business outcome(s) depending upon performance metrics of the enterprises.

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