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Communication and media service providers worldwide today face increased competition for new customer acquisition, customer retention and revenue growth in much saturated markets. With ever increasing Internet usage, smart devices and newer ways of consuming, sharing and monetizing services, these providers are continuously challenged to find innovative ways to reach the right customers with the right service/ content and through the right channel.

Convergence in communication technology has narrowed down the traditional boundaries for telco and media companies, paving the way for a new set of competitors. For instance, over-the-top (OTT) television, where content is delivered via Internet is threatening the conventional cable and satellite TV. Telco TV services from telecom providers such as Verizon and AT&T are challenging existing players in the pay-TV market.

To address these challenges, retain their competitive advantage and grow in this intensely competitive environment, these organizations are turning to analytics to convert their enterprise-wide data into ‘actionable’ insights.

Infosys point of view

CSPs are investing in building analytics capabilities for data-driven operations to improve customer experience and engagement. But they must also nurture newer capabilities in enterprise information management and transform their legacy information systems to become more agile, dynamic and transparent.

Our data analytics service offerings empower CSPs to seamlessly integrate enterprise data and turn it into intelligent insights that aid in real-time decision making, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and reducing churn rates. This paradigm of monetizing data assets from across the organization eliminating application boundaries creates key differentiation by enhancing the experience delivered to customers. This, in turn, improves competitiveness and invariably drives revenue growth.

Analytics solutions for customer intimacy

Deeper customer understanding through customer analytics is essential to deliver superior service. This understanding helps engage better with customers through personalized services, contextual offers, cross-selling and upselling. In addition, for effective and targeted customer campaigns, CSPs have to model the customer profile and behavior more accurately and on a continuous basis to build a 360-degree view of the customer. Here are three analytics solutions we designed to achieve those outcomes:

  • Optimize marketing cost with real-time analytics: Deriving insights in real-time from streaming data (CDR, call logs, apps used, activities on social networks and web/ media) to drive efficiency in traditional marketing and advertising campaigns, online or offline. A real-time analytics engine provides recommendations and personalized messages, empowering agents to upsell and cross-sell.
  • Reduce churn and improve ARPU with 360 degree customer view [MDM]: Build a unique 360 degree view of the customer by integrating customer profile, their plans, the services contracted, their consumption habits, associated risk, relationship with other customers and more. This would help CSPs provide consistent and superior customer experience across all channels and identify at-risk customers, enabling client services agents to focus their proactive outbound “health check” calls.
  • Micro segmentation for personalized plans / services: We help CSPs build customer insights discovery platform that enable them to identify desired patterns in customer usage (of plan/ product/ content) across channels and platforms and analyze viewership on social platforms. This helps in personalizing the media being delivered to consumers. In addition, usage tracking helps identify micro-segment customers.

Intelligent operations for greater efficiency and risk reduction

Intelligent operations empowers CSPs to predict Quality of Service (QoS), thereby emulate the actual customer experience on the network and help them optimize their network performance.

  • Intelligent networks with real-time analytics – Meshing up the data from various network points, knitting together network performance analytics, service levels and other factors, we help CSPs provide critical operational business intelligence on their networks in real-time and prioritize critical response actions when something goes wrong.
  • Improve QoS with operational analytics – Building data discovery platforms enables data scientists and business analysts to work with huge amounts of historical and real-time data generated by switches, routers and other sensors throughout their network infrastructure. Such a platform would help spot trends and determine patterns to predict network performance/ component failures, latency and reliability. It would also help predict network congestion and impact on customers served. We build correlation models to discover patterns across siloed customer interactions and transactional data to predict the likelihood of a behavior (churn).

Service and data monetization

With the aid of data discovery tools, CSPs can build and deploy the following analytics use cases on real-time offers, personalized customer care and location-based services:

  • Hyper-local targeted advertisements – Targeted advertisements and coupons can be delivered to customers based on their profile, social attributes and current and predicted locations using the streaming data from their mobile devices.
  • Personalized advertisements based on audience profile – An analytics platform to create targeted IPTV advertisements based on a customer's profile, viewing patterns and behavior. For example, TV viewers would see tailored advertisements that best match their profiles.

Success Stories

Monetized the Viewership Pattern Data with our Communication Analytics

Monetized the viewership pattern data by designing a data lake of customers, products, and usage patterns for a leading cable service provider

Developed a Real-Time Big Data Analytics Solution for Media Company

Developed a real-time analytics solution enabled by big data and visual discovery to analyze viewership on social media for a leading media company

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