Hi-tech and Manufacturing

Hi-tech and manufacturing is amidst significant transformation driven by Industrie 4.0 related initiatives – developing smart factories enabled by robotics and digitization, Internet-of-Things (IoT) driven connected systems and services, logistics efficiency to stay competitive and customer insights driven growth strategies.

Digitized smart factories are enabling manufacturers to improve production accuracy, quality and yield. In addition, it is helping improve operational efficiency with condition-based monitoring, preventive maintenance and reduced downtimes.

IoT driven connected systems are enabling new and renewed channels for doing business, customized product offerings and improved knowledge management. This is catalyzing the development of next-gen business models built around smart services. Organizations are bundling products and services with transaction-based cost models and data-driven proactive consulting. An equipment provider now sells compressed air instead of compressors; a hi-tech major now provides paid usage insights to customers for self-service maintenance and specialized consulting to optimize performance.

Progressive manufacturers are using the above initiatives and related analytics to make logistics a competitive differentiator for them. This helps improve supply responsiveness, risk mitigations and reduced cost of operations.

Digitization is also creating a need for better ways of engaging with customers and partners. Manufacturers are adopting e-commerce especially, for low risk pilot launches and leveraging analytics for improved marketing effectiveness and guided selling.

Infosys Point of View

Industrie 4.0 related trends – smart factories, IoT and digitization – are creating analytics-led opportunities to monetize the data being generated from such investments. Infosys is helping create ‘boundaryless’ data platforms to help manage this information effectively from a variety of sources such as customer usage, field equipment and shop floor performance, manufacturing quality, supply chain, CRM systems and more.

To leverage this ‘boundaryless’ data and transform customers into analytics-driven enterprises, Infosys helps design the right organization structures and pervasive analytics services. This enables manufacturers to improve their customer intimacy via marketing efficacy, guided selling and closed loop customer engagement, operational efficiency via production yield improvement, equipment effectiveness, preventive maintenance and supply chain optimization to create new smart services driven revenue models via IoT driven specialized consulting and bundling of products and services.

With this approach, we are helping customers monetize data across manufacturing sub-sectors. Each sub-sector has different immediate priorities at this time. Auto, aero and heavy equipment sectors are looking to leverage connected equipment/ telematics data for preventive maintenance-led operational efficiency and closed loop customer engagement. Hi-tech and ISV sectors are looking to improve their product offerings and related revenues with social analytics and customer insights. Agro industry is looking to invest in digitization of agriculture for capturing IoT data and enabling digital and precision agriculture to improve yields.

In addition to the above, we help hi-tech and manufacturing clients across the globe to comprehensively leverage monetized data for competitive advantage in the following ways:

Plan: Demand forecasting, working capital optimization, profitability analysis, financial consolidations.

Make: Condition-based monitoring, asset optimization, preventive maintenance, plant performance, manufacturing quality insights, overall equipment effectiveness, supplier intelligence, spend analytics.

Sell: Guided selling, campaign effectiveness, sales forecasting, sales insights, pricing analytics.

Distribute: Responsive distribution networks for improving end-to-end supply chain visibility, risk management, warehouse inventory optimization.

Support: Call driver and issue analytics, sentiment analytics, closed-loop voice of customer, warranty analytics.

Success Stories

Data Lake and Visual Discovery-Enabled Solutions

Improved production test yield by 20% and annual production related cost savings in range of 7-15 million USD by using data lake and visual discovery-enabled solutions for a hi-tech application performance, networking and storage solutions provider

Financial Closing for an Aircraft and Digital Aviation Services Provider

More than 10 times faster data availability and 20% faster project delivery with integrated, high speed and in-memory processing solution for financial closing for an aircraft and digital aviation services provider.

Visual Machine Data Analytics for Hi-Tech Networking Manufacturer

$40 mn incremental service bookings and one-tenth the time and cost for analyzing sales opportunities. Enabled with data lake and visual machine data analytics-driven smart services on performance optimizations, downtime avoidance and bandwidth planning for a hi-tech networking manufacturer

Marketing Event Analytics for ISV

Implemented marketing event analytics generating insights on event sentiment, registration forecasting and attendance analysis for an ISV major.