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Increasing focus on digitization and insights-driven marketing and operations are catalyzing a significant, data-enabled revolution within the media and entertainment industry. The future of this industry is centered around the convergence of digital and analytics solutions. Therefore, enterprises are eager to transform their media delivery platforms in order to gain customer insights and provide more personalized content for digitally savvy audiences. Newer capabilities, such as master data management (MDM) for digital assets and customer analytics for better customer engagement and personalized product offerings, are being developed to meet the following industry priorities:

  • Pre-target in real-time – Target customers with relevant and smart messages by predicting their preferences using big data, before they make a purchase
  • Personalization of products – Identify content usage patterns across channels and platforms and analyze viewership on social media platforms to personalize the media being delivered to consumers. In addition, usage tracking can monitor the income of assets as part of the paid media platform. This, in-turn, allows the identification of top products / artists, revenue by region / album, forecast income / receivables, and micro-segment customers
  • Advanced analytics – Adopt data-driven strategies (that do more than just access big data) to integrate insights into everyday marketing decisions, product development, and campaign planning
  • Data-driven operational efficiencies – Incorporate insights from various sources to improve efficiencies. For instance, in large-scale entertainment centers such as cruise liners and theme parks, enterprises are improving their staffing efficiency based on clients’ usage, events, and behavior patterns

Success stories

Our offerings are designed to help customers turn the vast amounts of data from their assets into actionable insights. Some of the key solutions provided by us include the following:

  • Audience measurement – Derive insights by integrating television viewing (tuning) data with customer profiles, in order to target campaigns / promotions effectively and improve advertising efficiency
  • Data monetization: Monetize event-logs anonymously by selling to publishing and advertising partners
  • Marketing analytics: Manage marketing campaigns and promotions and improve advertising efficiency and effectiveness by using set-top-box data

Developed a Real-Time Big Data Analytics Solution for Media Company

Developed a solution enabled by big data and visual discovery to analyze viewership on social media for a leading media company

Media Data Analytics to Calculate Royalty for a Music Rights Management Company

Built a royalty calculation engine for a company specializing in music rights management using YouTube and other distribution sources

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