IDC: Infosys leads resources company on Industry 4.0 journey

Resources companies need to begin their Industry 4.0 journey with digitizing their assets for smart asset management, according to IDC in a report on operations technology (OT) services in information technology.

Andrew Meyers, Jonathan Lang, and Kevin Prouty of IDC discuss the role of a digital services partner to undertake IT and OT convergence and ensure scalability. The authors cite a digital transformation at a large resources company where Infosys combined central engineering resources, field documentation, and onsite visits to assess digital readiness of assets.


Infosys charted a road map for Industry 4.0 implementation -

  • Pre-discovery process
    Infosys designed a unified template for data capture after conducting workshops with stakeholders to assess the OT infrastructure and IT landscape
  • Pool of multidisciplinary talent
    A team of domain experts managed OT infrastructure spanning equipment and technology across control systems, networking infrastructure, and hosting infrastructure
  • Zero-distance
    Daily, weekly, region-wise communication and visits to offshore locations ensured two-way feedback
  • Document management
    A central repository with checkpoints structured and regulated information flow

The resources company achieved several outcomes after gaining visibility into asset operations. Significantly, Infosys helped the enterprise standardize diverse technology stacks and systems, and address data integrity issues in asset management systems.

Analyst speak

“Asset-intensive companies face large-scale digitization initiatives on their Industry 4.0 journey. Having the right services provider is critical to manage the scope of IT-OT convergence for a global enterprise.”
– Andrew Meyers, research director, Worldwide Oil and Gas IT Strategies at IDC

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