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Key Challenges

The company sought to develop a product line using optical sensing technology. A technology partner with rich experience in embedded application software development was required to build the greenfield proof-of-concept model and fine-tune the production version into a mainstay product line.

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Accelerated time-to-market

Infosys adopted an iterative methodology from concept definition through the production stages. It helped incorporate ongoing changes to enhance functionalities of the innovative product. Our flexible technical architecture facilitated expansions to the initial scope of the prototype development.

The Infosys team developed and undertook testing of the embedded software that includes device drivers, Digital Signal Processor (DSP) firmware, DSP algorithms and graphical user interfaces. In addition, we built plug-ins for connecting the application to SCADA systems.

The sophisticated product offers both 'well monitoring' and 'well test' modes. The distributed architecture enables users to access the software from onshore locations even when the product is deployed in an offshore environment. The fault-tolerant architecture ensures extremely low downtime, and processes data from multiple wells.

The Infosys software development approach accelerated time-to-market and improved quality of the mission-critical product for remote optical sensing.

The robust product can be deployed in diverse production environments including unmanned oil fields in any part of the world.