HFS Point of View: OneOffice™ and digital transformation converges in energy trading

Infosys modernized the business model and supported topline growth at the energy trading unit of a global energy company. In a Point of View, HFS Research highlights how Infosys checks all the boxes of the HFS OneOffice™ vision of digital transformation:

  • Aligns problem solving, data and solutions across the energy value chain
  • Creates synergy between business and IT teams and frees up time and effort to focus on transformational engineering work
  • Implements a cloud transformation to establish a digital foundation for the enterprise
  • Enhances automation to drive operational excellence while containerization offers better control, scale, and the ability to adapt to changes in the trading marketplace
  • Adopts Agile at scale to mitigate risks and accelerate time-to-market
  • Adds value across the trading value chain from front office data setup, analytics and automation, through middle office supply chain management to back-office supply contracts and administration

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