A global oil and gas company

Key Challenges

The company sought to address gaps in the document management system to enable seamless search and retrieval of oil well files, stored in shared drives at multiple locations.

The lack of a unified Geographic Information System (GIS) hindered oil well location evaluation, as well as collaboration between multidisciplinary teams for decision making.

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Inter-disciplinary collaboration for oil well planning

Infosys reviewed existing information management processes, identified gaps and developed a GIS-based information management portal. We provided end-to-end services, including strategy, solution design, development, and program management. We scanned hard copies of oil well files / documents and migrated records to the new system.

The Infosys portal solution integrates production data, electronic documents and spatial data. We leveraged the Documentum platform to manage document information, and the existing database management systems to manage production data.

The GIS-based information management portal captures and transfers enterprise data. It also enables inter-disciplinary collaboration for oil well planning and development activities, and business decisions.

Digitization of oil well files enhances operational efficiency of the oil and gas company. Moreover, prompt access to real-time data and historical documents facilitates statutory compliance.