An oil and gas company with drilling and oil well completion operations

Key Challenges

The company sought a real-time data aggregation and visualization system to transform oil well construction, enhance drilling performance, and improve operations of oil wells. The multi-phase, multi-year transformation program required the technology partner to

  • Identify gaps in existing drilling and oil well completion processes
  • Develop the solution architecture to integrate product components with the applications landscape
  • Define deployment architecture
  • Design solution components for reporting, document management and advanced analysis
  • Perform end-to-end testing, validate the solution, and certify the product for deployment and operational use
  • Plan solution implementation at drilling rigs, and coordinate implementation activities
  • Propose a model for real-time application support, and provide transition support services

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Infosys collaborated with a drilling data aggregation product vendor for developing a customized well advisory solution.

We structured the program along seven work streams to integrate the well advisory solution with the organization:

Program management

We developed project-specific processes for each work stream and the integration workflow for program tracks and vendors.

Business requirements analysis

Our team ensured accurate business analysis and requirements across critical functions such as fluid gains and loss management, formation correlation, drilling state detection, and well bore stability

Solution architecture

Our solution architecture leadership team created the deployment reference architecture and supported the product vendor to ensure that the solution integrated with the IT landscape.

Product development

Our configuration-based development approach helped the product vendor minimize the time and cost of development. We developed a drilling risk catalog to monitor real-time drilling activities.

Testing and quality assurance

Our testing frameworks and QA strategy ensured comprehensive testing of the program.


Infosys created oil rig and data center deployment blueprints. We led deployment and go-live activities for three regions as well as three product console interfaces.


We developed a global support services strategy for the product, and provided transition and bubble support.

The well advisory solution improved the safety and reliability of oil wells across regions. It provides visibility across the enterprise, including casing and cementing operations. The solution helps the company undertake oil well barrier pressure tests and generate reports to comply with regulations. Furthermore, it helps onshore personnel troubleshoot blowout preventers.

Our solution helps experts analyze events and take informed decisions at Real-time Operations Centers (RTOC) and oil rigs. Real-time data from rigs and safety equipment helps address operational issues, while online processing of data and console interfaces function as early warning systems for intelligent drilling. The solution helps the company minimize lost time associated with stuck pipe in casing operations at 30 oil rigs.