The company needed a solution that maximized capacity utilization through intelligent scheduling of maintenance activities, evaluation of line disposition and shut down, and better routing of crude volume in the pipeline network. In addition, a smart knowledge ecosystem was required to capture experiential knowledge of the workforce.

The oil and gas enterprise sought to maintain pipeline integrity while maximizing operating margins. Near real-time visibility into inventory across products would facilitate product delivery, equitable distribution, quality control, and detection of unscheduled events.

Key Challenges

Optimize the 25,420 km pipeline network


Improve asset utilization


Mitigate business risks

The Impact


million barrels of 80 unique crude oil commodities, allocated efficiently every day


Improves utilization of pipeline capacity which is equivalent to 13% of crude oil consumption in USA and 65% in Canada


Generates multi-million dollars incremental revenue annually


Infosys Solution

SOA-based transformation ensures future-proof operations

Defining future state processes and data models.

Infosys evaluated off-the-shelf ERP products, but existing product suites barely addressed 15% of the business requirements. So we designed and developed a customized solution using Java, the Oracle 11g Fusion technology stack and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).

Our modular, flexible and scalable solution is equipped with state-of-the-art components to drive operational excellence and comply with interstate pipeline regulations of the National Energy Board (NEB) and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) in North America.

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SOA-based transformation program

Volumetric allocation solution

Combines mathematical modeling and constraint propagation-based optimization algorithm for crude allocation in batches across pipelines.

Equipment configuration solution

Facilitates equipment management by storing data of diverse equipment, including pipelines, storage tanks and pumps, in a central repository.

Rules engine

Hosts and manages business and operational rules to provide a ‘single source of truth’ for enterprise applications. Rules can be easily reconfigured for specific business requirements.

Knowledge management system

De-risks operational decisions by replacing human intervention with algorithms. The knowledge repository distilled experiential knowledge of engineers and schedulers into 30+ business rules / mathematical models.

Benefits of the Infosys solution

Improved capacity utilization of the pipeline network, and increased recurring incremental revenue.

Reduced power cost per barrel of oil transported significantly.

Minimized product degradation costs.

Improved operations through processes, business intelligence, and alerts.

Ensured scalability to effect changes to the network such as addition of pipelines and commodities, and changes to shippers, routes, and network configuration.

Ability to measure capacity accurately based on the supply profile as well as disposition on the lines.

Facilitated better decision-making through reporting and graphical representation of volume allocations.

Enabled 'What-if' analysis using a parallel verification tool developed by Infosys.


Infosys Pipeline Integrity Management

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted a patent for our pipeline integrity management system that ensures integrity of assets and compliance with pipeline regulations.

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