Infosys developed a cloud hosted virtual reality (VR) solution for Hatch, a global leader in mining, energy and infrastructure. The company has over six decades of experience in engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) and business consulting services for mining, metallurgical, energy and infrastructure sectors. The VR solution provides teams of designers and site engineers with an immersive 3D view of designs in a 1:1 scale. It enhances collaboration across the project lifecycle, reduces cycle time, boosts productivity, and improves quality by replacing traditional engineering design review with an immersive engineering design process.

Key Challenges

Handling varied size of data

Projects in the iModelHub varied in size, with iModels ranging from 70MB / 220K triangles to 5.8GB / 150 million triangles.

Iterative design

Since designers uploaded design changes to the iModelHub with every iteration, the new application had to capture changes in the backend, pull this content, and stream it to the VR application at run time.

The Impact

  • - Access 3D model of projects during reviews on the go
  • Designers can walk through and teleport themselves to different locations on the 3D model
  • Internal teams and clients can collaborate in VR design reviews from remote locations allowing them to take quick decisions and reducing the review time from weeks to minutes

The Brief

Infosys VR solution provides design, engineering, and construction teams with an immersive 3D view of ongoing infrastructure projects.

  • Virtual reality solution Our VR application allows projects to be planned, reviewed, and executed by design and engineering teams located at different offices or sites. Hosted on the cloud, our solution transforms legacy operational processes by making them agile and responsive to iterations during design, construction, and maintenance of projects.
  • Advanced collaboration Our immersive VR solution enables designers and engineers to work more closely on one platform across the project lifecycle. It helps manage project complexity in mining (open and underground), railway infrastructure, manufacturing plants, and turnkey projects.

Infosys Solution

VR solution ensures real-time collaboration across multiple locations during construction

Team members can appear as avatars and collaborate in VR to review 3D models.

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Offers rounded project view by integrating data

Combines 3D models and metadata for insights into complex aspects of the project

Data visualization

Data visualization

Our immersive solution integrates data and information, including metadata, from multiple sources such as CAD drawings and 3D assets. It streams models onto VR devices in a 1:1 scale to provide designers and engineers with near-real views during design and review processes.



Our user-friendly solution allows 2D and 3D designs to be ported across VR headsets such as Microsoft HoloLens and Oculus Rift as well as personal computing devices.

Reduces time-to-market

Reduces time-to-market

Our application streams changes in design and configurations from the database and makes it available in VR for designers to view at run time. A geometry cache solution minimizes the time taken to download high-resolution images. Significantly, our VR solution reduces time required for converting an existing 3D to new VR model


Timely and informed decision making for operational excellence

99% of Users voted IOL 4-5 on availability

Database access to latest versions for real-time status of design and review

89% Ranked 4-5 on user friendliness

VR technology enables visualization of project nuances across the lifecycle