Leveraging predictive analytics in oil drilling


Oil and gas companies generate large amounts of data during day-to-day operations. Hence, it is important to gather insights from this data and use them for the betterment of operations.

Infosys expert Joseph J. Alenchery, AVP and Group Manager – Client Services, opines that oil and gas companies should leverage big data and predictive analytics to analyze large amounts of data streaming from various sources. These insights together with historical data analysis can help these companies make real-time decisions, reduce losses, improve drilling effectiveness, and increase oil production.


Published with the permission of Oil & Gas Monitor

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Joseph J. Alenchery

Joseph J. Alenchery, AVP and Group Manager – Client Services, Energy Americas, Infosys

Joseph is a business and technology executive specializing in oil and gas, corporate strategic planning, financial planning, and business assurance.

Joseph has played a key role in advising large companies in the industry and in growing the Oil and Gas practice at Infosys.

He can be reached at Joseph_Alenchery@infosys.com