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Environment, Health, and Safety Management

Your oil and gas enterprise should define sustainability goals to ensure safety of employees, security of assets, and protection of environment. Your sustainability management system should reinforce brand equity, while mitigating supply chain risks and complying with regulations.

The Infosys Oil and Gas practice provides environment, health, and safety (EHS) management solutions to minimize your carbon footprint. Our approach encourages your employees to take responsibility for their actions by adhering to occupational health, industrial hygiene, environment protection, and product handling policies.

We assess the sustainability quotient of the enterprise and define a road map for continuous improvement. We integrate sustainability management solutions with Microsoft Office products, ERP systems and document management solutions for comprehensive coverage, monitoring and reporting across parameters. Our Web-based tools provide visibility into social responsibility programs and offer access to historical records across EHS processes.
Environment, Health, and Safety Management

Infosys advantage

  • Infosys Sustainability practice has more than 100 person-years of experience.
  • Infosys Sustainability Reporting solution incorporates an out-of-the-box key performance indicator (KPI) dashboard and libraries to streamline reporting across environmental, social, and economic dimensions.
  • Infosys SustainEdge, our cloud-based sustainability management platform, minimizes the cost of sustainability programs and mitigates supply chain risks.
  • Our experience spans the establishment of an EHS academy and development of certification portals for sustainability management at oil and gas enterprises and oilfield services companies.
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