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Integrated Refinery Information System

You need a comprehensive data system that integrates functions across lines of business and responds to diverse business scenarios. An Integrated Refinery Information System (IRIS) offers you visibility into refinery business processes to plan asset utilization, streamline operations, and measure performance.

The Infosys Oil and Gas practice understands the complexities of the refining landscape – a wide range of crude oil categories, product quality norms, energy performance standards, demand and supply side fluctuations, pricing volatility, and stringent environment regulations. A robust enterprise information backbone facilitates smooth flow of data and streamlines operations across the refinery supply chain. We develop integrated refinery information systems using service-oriented architecture (SOA) to transform your refinery into a data-oriented enterprise.

Our IRIS solutions deliver contextual and role-specific information to boost enterprise productivity and profitability. Our centers of excellence (CoEs) for energy, project management, software maintenance, and Microsoft SharePoint maintain a knowledge repository of tools, accelerators, and templates across the software development lifecycle.

Integrated Refinery Information Management System

Infosys advantage

  • Robust governance: Our structured governance model with well-defined roles and responsibilities as well as multi-level interaction improves knowledge sharing and collaboration.
  • InFlux methodology: We combine an easy-to-use workbench for requirements modeling with best practices for thorough analysis of business processes.
  • inSOAP: Our strategic solution methodology rationalizes the IT portfolio and helps implement an enterprise SOA strategy.
  • Ingress: Our SOA-based service mediation platform realizes Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and addresses systems integration requirements.
  • Infosys Winnow: Our product evaluation and selection framework incorporates meta models to assess products for refinery operations such as planning, scheduling, production accounting, mass balancing, data reconciliation, and supply chain management.
  • Business Value Articulation (BVA): Our framework links performance and the business, and quantifies a project implementation in metrics.
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Integrated Refinery Information System enables real-time decision making

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