Infosys ranked winner in HFS Energy Services Top 10, 2021

Global business research consultancy HFS Research has placed Infosys in the Winners Circle in energy services for 2021. The HFS Energy Top 10 report positions Infosys at #2 among global service providers in execution, innovation, voice of the customer, and HFS OneOffice™ alignment.

The report rates Infosys as a 'historic energy powerhouse proving that innovation, sustainability, and transformation capability is a reality... with a domain-centric approach, knowledge, and deep history in energy with the clients and partnerships to match.'

Key highlights

  • Infosys has the pragmatism to manage the energy transition across Europe and the US
  • Infosys continues to deepen customer relationships, upskill staff, and expand capabilities
  • Infosys Energy Practice can develop its brand across the value chain, including sustainability. The industry’s sustainability goals align with capabilities and partnership networks of Infosys across the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, and EMF
  • Infosys’ experience includes sustainability and energy specifics working with Microsoft
  • Infosys has developed energy-as-a-service (EaaS) with bp
  • Infosys is aligned with HFS OneOffice™, collaborating with clients and partners across the value chain
  • The Infosys Innovation Fund invests in energy startups

Read the HFS Energy Top 10 report