Infosys at the Intersection of Sustainability and Digital Transformation: IDC

At the Infosys Energy Advisor and Analyst Day 2021, the Energy practice of Infosys articulated its vision of clean energy transition. Infosys also showcased sustainability solutions and case studies across the energy value chain.

In a Market Note, global market intelligence and advisory firm IDC shares its industry outlook and how Infosys addresses sustainability in the energy sector.

Key highlights

  • IDC believes that as demand for energy grows, end-to-end sustainability solutions of Infosys can address the increase in carbon emissions
  • Infosys sees demand for services to mitigate climate change and carbon emissions in the energy sector. Demand is region-specific, with North America seeking services for measuring Scope 1 and 2 emissions.
  • Infosys’ domain expertise covers sustainability solutions in advisory services, platforms and solutions, and service integration
  • Infosys offers energy management-as-a-service solutions, enabling companies to transition from fossil to renewable energy sources
  • Infosys leverages cloud, automation, artificial intelligence for sustainability solutions
  • Infosys' studio model brings together partners, clients, and startups to develop use cases in a sandbox mode
  • The strategic partnership of The Economist Group and Infosys accelerates sustainability solutions via a business-to-business model

Access IDC’s Market Note here.