Cloud will Shape Edge AI & Quantum Computing: bp

bp is undertaking re:Invent, a strategic business transformation driven by the cloud. In a podcast hosted by MIT Technology Review Insights, in partnership with Infosys Cobalt, Keisha Garcia, VP of Digital Foundations, bp believes that the convergence of edge computing and artificial intelligence (AI) presents an opportunity for real-time decision making while managing oil and gas platforms and rigs globally.

Key Takeaways:


bp has become predominantly cloud native, enabling the company to pivot to an integrated energy environment. Cloud-first paves the way for a product-led enterprise to enhance customer centricity.


Migrating to the cloud has been instrumental in optimizing the technology stack, accelerating technology adoption, introducing new network and data architectures, and reducing carbon emissions.


Cloud infrastructure serves as a catalyst to embark on a sustainability journey from decarbonization to Net Zero. It facilitates decarbonizing digital assets, drives efficient use of energy, and reduces waste.

Cloud trends

Edge AI will enable the development of innovative applications, enhance predictive maintenance across upstream assets, and optimize energy consumption. Quantum computing will drive innovation by addressing computational challenges across and adjacent to segments of the oil and gas industry.