Empowering the end-user with ServiceNow led Digital Transformation

E.ON, a German-based international energy supplier, wanted to standardize and make service management a consistent practice through the whole IT organization. Infosys helped E.ON transition to the ServiceNow cloud based platform to modernize IT service management across the enterprise.

The Challenge:
High complexity of its service management system, which also included legacy systems, was owned by third parties. This complexity made it difficult to efficiently design the IT management tools and processes.

The Solution: E.ON began its ServiceNow led digital transformation journey by first setting up a single consolidated platform as an internal tool for service management and then integrating all the other supplier tools into it.

Infosys powered the implementation with its Enterprise Service Management Café that helped standardize and reduce the overall duration of the implementation significantly.

Part of Infosys Cobalt, the Infosys Enterprise Service Management Café, is an AI-powered plug and play solution that comprises over 50 cloud first industry solution blueprints, process templates and ready-to-deploy code that makes ServiceNow implementations 40 to 50 percent faster.