SnowMirror is an offering from GuideVision – an Infosys company and one of the largest ServiceNow Elite Partners in Europe. Read the press release to know more about the acquisition.

The solution offers enterprises a smarter way to access their ServiceNow data by loading it from a ServiceNow instance and storing it in a relational database such as Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server installed in a local environment. This mirror database can be used for custom reporting, data warehouse loads, system integration, data backup and more.

An on-premise software, SnowMirror is an agent pulling the data from ServiceNow. It can be installed on a physical or virtual server in an enterprise environment as well as in AWS or Azure clouds. .

SnowMirror is available as a combined solution with the Infosys Enterprise Service Management Café. With strengthened capabilities on ServiceNow, this combined solution serves as a single vendor to transform enterprise wide service management.

Strengthened capabilities on ServiceNow with Infosys Enterprise Service Management Café and SnowMirror

SnowMirror is a powerful data replication tool that allows customers to extract ServiceNow data in ready-to-consume formats to simplify complex data related business and IT processes.


Challenges & Solutions

SnowMirror easily creates flexible reports on an enterprise’s own infrastructure to

  • connect their own reporting platforms and BI tools like Tableau, PowerBI, Cognos, Microsoft Reporting Services or SAP business objects to ServiceNow
  • store ServiceNow data on databases like MySQL, MS SQL or Oracle

Being a flexible backup tool for ServiceNow, SnowMirror backs up individual tables or even columns to specify a detailed filter query so the amount of data is low and the whole backup is focused on the data really needed. The data backups are easy to schedule with a wide range of scheduling options such as full and incremental backups.

SnowMirror allows enterprises to archive ServiceNow data in the mirror database and unload their instance by erasing unnecessary bulks of data from ServiceNow instance database.