Enhance the service experience across all enterprise functions

Enterprises are constantly looking for ways to become more efficient. In a dynamic enterprise service management landscape, improving productivity while delivering a superior service experience is needed to ensure business continuity.

Transforming the service experience digitally

Together with ServiceNow, Infosys has developed a suite of offerings that helps enterprises transform their enterprise service management landscape to delight all stakeholders. IT and business users can seamlessly access data and workflows, allowing them to work effectively and address end-customer problems with ease.

Powered by AI, these offerings amplify automation, modernization and transformation of enterprise-wide processes, thereby delivering smart and intuitive experiences for employees and customers. It ensures always-on service delivery so businesses can enjoy productivity savings, higher efficiencies and an innovation culture across the service experience continuum.

Infosys capabilities

To strengthen our enterprise service management offerings, which are part of Infosys Cobalt, we acquired GuideVision – one of the largest ServiceNow Elite Partners in Europe. This strong suite of IP tools and accelerators is now set to elevate your enterprise service experience transformation.

Leveraging the cloud-based ServiceNow platform, Infosys brings in domain expertise to build industry specific-solutions that address unique customer problems across verticals such as financial services, telecom, retail, and manufacturing, to name a few.

As part of Infosys Enterprise Service Management Café, we provide solutions for the following key areas:

IT service management

These end-to-end IT service management solutions drive metric-based improvements by enabling:

  • Technology platform implementation and CMDB set-up
  • Process harmonization
  • Software asset management
  • Service integration and management (SIAM)
  • Process operations and continuous service improvement (CSI)

IT operations management

These solutions help IT users streamline operations at greater efficiency through always-on monitoring capabilities such as:

  • Proactive infrastructure and application monitoring
  • Event and cloud management and monitoring solutions
  • Application performance monitoring
  • Discovery and service mapping
  • Service orchestration and automation

IT business management

These ready-to-deploy solutions for IT business management include project as well as application portfolio management with features such as:

  • Demand management
  • Service cost transparency
  • Advisory services
  • Design and build services

Human resource service delivery

These ready-to-deploy solutions ensure complete HR service management including:

  • Employee onboarding and offboarding
  • Human resources case management
  • Platform expansion and user adoption solutions
  • Human resources analytics
  • Payroll management

Workplace Service Delivery

Our end to end offerings transform the workplace by modernizing employee experience with:

  • Facilities Management Transformation
  • Workplace Service Delivery Consulting Services
  • Implementation
  • BAU services

Customer service management

  • Consulting services
  • Advisory services
  • Design and build services
  • Business workflows mapping
  • Process harmonization and integration

Security operations

The Infosys ServiceNow-based security operations solutions give clear visibility into the security portfolio. They help global organizations integrate different security tools so IT, security and business units can seamlessly collaborate with each other. Organizations can also respond quickly to security breaches and vulnerability, thereby reducing risk. Key capabilities include:

  • IT security consulting
  • Solution design and implementation
  • User experience transformation
  • Security posture visibility
  • Platform support and CSI
  • Organization change management and training

Integrated Risk Management (GRC)

Our ServiceNow based integrated risk management solutions help organizations to comply with external regulations, manage policy or compliance exceptions, assess and monitor risks and mitigate controls. Key capabilities include:

  • End to end risk management including third party risk
  • Compliance management
  • Internal and external audit management
  • Business continuity management

NOW Platform App Engine

We provide solutions for all custom app related engagements. With a deep experience in design, development, and implementation of Service Management solutions for all industry verticals, we help organizations in the following areas pertaining to custom app work:

  • Business workflow automation
  • Vertical solutions on pre-packaged products
  • Core industry specific solutions
  • Non-standard process automation in industries

Connect with our ServiceNow experts and transform your enterprise service management landscape today.