Many organizations rely on costly, fragmented systems and processes for field service management (FSM). Legacy FSM technologies cause remote agents or field technicians to lose efficiency by having to make multiple site visits. Manual, fragmented systems lead to slow resolutions, driving costs up and customer satisfaction down.

At scale, repeated site visits and limited visibility hinders customer delight, productivity savings, and optimal service levels—while also creating obstacles in achieving environmental, safety, and compliance targets. In many cases, it’s not possible to update their existing systems with new tools that would provide competitive advantages—and implementing new, end-to-end solutions can seem costly and slow.

Leverage Infosys Field Service Management to deliver expertise anywhere—with an AR-enabled approach to field services. ServiceNow, Infosys, and CareAR unite to seamlessly integrate true augmented reality into optimized field service workflows for smart, intuitive service delivery that enables remote and self-solve resolutions, optimizes field service productivity, and enhance customer satisfaction. Infosys FSM, part of Infosys Cobalt, powered by CareAR helps enterprises modernize their operations and experiences through real time interaction and seamless action.

Infosys, CareAR – a Xerox company and ServiceNow have collaborated to provide AR/VR solutions to accelerate clients' service experience transformation across industries. Well integrated with the ServiceNow platform, CareAR's service experience management (SXM) platform provides instructional AR/VR across industries to advance customer and employee experiences through augmented intelligence. Infosys provides the CareAR SXM platform with the Infosys Enterprise Service Management (ESM) Café, part of Infosys Cobalt, enabling superior service experience and a seamless integration with ServiceNow workflows.


Seamless action

Enable teams to do all field service actions through one platform with end-to-end capabilities from ServiceNow.


Real-time interaction

Deliver leading FSM and enhanced outcomes with the only fully integrated, truly live AR solution.


Modernize operations and experiences

Achieve operational tranquility, improve experiences, and create a scalable foundation for future growth—faster.

Seamlessly integrate true augmented reality into optimized field service workflows for smart, intuitive service delivery


“At CareAR, our mission is to make expertise accessible with live visual AR interactions, instructions and intelligence to drive game-changing business outcomes that deliver significant operational efficiencies, reduce costs and create optimal customer and employee experiences,” said Sajeel Hussain, Chief Revenue Officer at CareAR. “The operating model and innovation vision of Infosys is in full alignment with CareAR’s vision of reinventing the service experience.”
- Sajeel Hussain, CRO, CareAR

“Service organizations are looking for opportunities to deliver advanced digital solutions that improve experiences for customers and technicians alike. Augmented and virtual reality have become imperative to that effort. The combination of CareAR’s SXM platform, ServiceNow’s leading AR Workflow extension, and Infosys’ digital services and consultancy expertise will enable customers and technicians to take their service experiences to the next level and optimize the ways enterprises operate.”
- Bulent Cinarkaya, GM, Field Service Management at ServiceNow


Challenges & Solutions

Transitioning to a single platform can help field technicians cut the number of site visits and drive down costs

A seamlessly integrated workflow can lead to better cross-collaboration among employees to spread expertise and close skill gaps

Implementing augmented reality technology can speed up deployment rates and enhance productivity