Infosys and GuideVision: A Unified Force in Enterprise Service Management

Infosys and GuideVision joined forces in 2020 to augment Infosys Cobalt portfolio of cloud services and further strengthen its ServiceNow capabilities in Europe. GuideVision is an award-winning enterprise service management consultancy, specialized in offering strategic advisory, consulting, implementations, training and support on the ServiceNow platform.

Committed to help global enterprises make the most of their digital transformation in enterprise service management, Infosys and GuideVision offer:

  • Enhanced expertise and experience across the ServiceNow platform
  • AI-powered plug and play solution helping with rapid ServiceNow implementation
  • Agile methodology ensuring accelerated delivery of business value
  • A strategic combination of scalable and agile capabilities globally and across Europe
  • Strategic ServiceNow insights and advice helping with critical decision making
  • Unmatched delivery excellence and ability to carry through to completion

Joint solution

SnowMirror is an offering from GuideVision that offers enterprises a smarter way to access their ServiceNow data by loading it from a ServiceNow instance and storing it in a relational database. A proprietary smart data replication tool for ServiceNow instances, it enables over 100 enterprise clients to simplify complex business and IT processes and, is available as a combined solution with Infosys Cobalt’s Enterprise Service Management Café. With strengthened capabilities on ServiceNow, this combined solution serves as a single vendor to transform enterprise-wide service management.

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