Connecting Operational Technology Assets for Smart Manufacturing

Digital transformation has been revolutionary in industries over the globe, and the manufacturing industry has been no different. With advanced Operational Technology Management (OTM) practices such as, integrating industrial system, delivering real-time visibility, and streamlining infrastructure management, manufacturers are analyzing the need of retrofitting industrial manufacturing systems with automation, collaboration, and connectivity capabilities with the help of converged IT-OT network and integrated workflow systems.

The shift from legacy infrastructure to digital technology has been challenging for manufacturers and OT security managers in terms of integration and security.

In the article co – authored by Arvind Raman, Global Head – Service Management at Infosys and James Destro, Head of Product, Manufacturing Industry Products and ServiceNow, named “Connecting Operational Technology Assets for Smart Manufacturing”, the authors explain the need to shift from legacy infrastructure to digital technology. It emphasizes on the significance of connecting people, process, knowledge, and technology using OTM practices in manufacturing industry and transforming the enterprises to Smart Manufacturing. The article has been published in the Industry of Things.

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