With the advent of Cloud computing, organizations world-wide nowadays prefer to invest low on on-premise infrastructure and move towards consuming infrastructure as a service on cloud. Customers are looking for various parameters when they want to choose between various cloud infrastructure as a service provider viz – cost effective, reliability, secured and high performant to take an informed decision.

Oracle’s Gen2 Infrastructure Cloud as a Service scores high on all of these parameters with low-cost choice of variety of virtual compute shapes, dedicated bare metal, Oracle Real application cluster that can be consumed as a service, Exadata Engineered machines for superior performance for mission critical workloads.

Why partner with Infosys in your transformation journey?


Infosys leverages a combination of assets that provide greater and faster returns on investment for client organizations. These assets include:

  • Infosys Cobalt, a set of services,  blueprint architecture, templates, solutions, and platforms for enterprises to accelerate their cloud journeys, thereby reducing total cost of ownership
  • Infosys Intelligent Operations Center, Infosys Infra Provisioning Tool and Infosys Database Migration Tool to ensure rapid deployment and enable extreme automation during cloud build and migration.
  • Infosys Database as a Service (DbaaS) with database consolidation using multi-tenant architecture to reduce cost and maintenance and improve performance
  • Infosys Decision Tree and the Infosys Database Consolidation Tool framework to re-architect workloads to a multi-tenant database, enabling the migration of large databases in a factory model at reduced cost

Apart from helping organizations adopt Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to modernize their landscape, Infosys also optimizes the running costs of applications and databases on OCI through innovative bundled contracts.

With a large talent pool of experts that have over 1000 certifications on Oracle Cloud technology, Infosys support its clients in end-to-end cloud transformation programs from assessment, migration strategy, and lift-and-shift to OCI. We also provide security compliance solutions, testing integration, and streamlined processes from release to production.

What sets Infosys apart is its end-to-end transformation framework that aligns with the Oracle database landscape comprising Exadata Cloud@customer (ExaCC). Through the framework, enterprises can assess their database landscape as well as design and optimize the target architecture using iConsolidate, install ExaCC, and leverage iMigrate (an Infosys proprietary automation tool) to migrate their databases. This transformation approach has helped many clients optimize infrastructure, reduce TCO, lower migration effort through automation, and improve database performance.

An example is how Infosys transformed the database landscape for one of largest US-based banks by using Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer. Around 600 Oracle databases were upgraded and migrated to ExaCC through an automation-led approach. The Infosys solution helped the client boost operational performance from 30% to 80% and reduce TCO by nearly 30%.


Challenges & Solutions

  • Moved on to Oracle Engineered system Exadata Cloud Services
  • App/DB License Optimization 30%
  • Moved to Gen2 Cloud Infrastructure on X7 machines that is engineered for High Performance & High Redundancy
  • Delivered 50% - 60% performance improvements for critical batch jobs
  • 100% Secure Solutions using encryption and Web Access firewall
  • 99.95% Availability, DR Solution (RTO/RPO – 4 Hrs , 15 mnts)

  • Architecture and data security solution as per financial industry compliance and standards
  • PeopleSoft financials lift and shift to OCI and integration of financial accounting hub using Accounting Hub Cloud Services.
  • Infosys utilized OIC (Oracle Integration Cloud) services to transfer data in real time between these 20+ on-prem systems and Cloud PeopleSoft

Using IDCS (Identify Cloud Services) that integrated with Ping Federate and multiple on-prem AD (Active Directory)