Digital transformation helps businesses stay ahead of change, implement continuous learning, and respond to new opportunities. All these are key attributes of a “live enterprise”. Organizations ready to adopt new business models can leverage emerging technologies, set sustainability goals, and mobilize social media influence across the value chain. Integrating these priorities with operations means reimagining customer service and process execution.

As a first step towards becoming a live enterprise, Infosys helps organizations refocus their cloud strategy to strengthen digital capabilities, adopt progressive operating models, and holistically transform talent.


Challenges & Solutions

Infosys Live Enterprise with SAP implements strategies to counter business impact quickly and enables new business channels. The offering provides a core solution to make enterprises sentient to business changes in the environment and respond with speed and agility.

Infosys Live Enterprise with SAP lays the foundation for future business innovations. This is achieved by creating the vision, establishing the platform and processes, and enabling people with state-of-the-art technologies from SAP and other hyperscalers, along with IP from Infosys.

Infosys Live Enterprise with SAP drives innovation to improve overall operational productivity through sharper insights, enhanced mobility and accessibility, faster execution, and reduced cycle times. The bottom line is to raise the operating margins of businesses.

Infosys Live Enterprise with SAP brings industry best practices and a robust framework to standardize and optimize business processes. The solution helps businesses adopt best-fit processes across all business units and functions within the organization. The offering brings in the agility and scalability to adopt standardization where needed.

Infosys Live Enterprise with SAP implements the consumption model for organizations to buy and use as needed and avoid huge capital investments. The offering reduces operational costs with in-built automation, intelligence, and economies of scale.