We are working in an age where data is the new capital and AI transforms lives and economy. With the disruptions caused by social media there is lot of information flow which is changing the direction of analytics at a very fast pace.

Infosys has evolved its service offerings, which are permeating across the insights value chain delivering:

  • Simplification, transformation, and modernization of data analytics platforms
  • Extension and integration of SAP ecosystem capabilities
  • Value realization from confluence of data, storage, algorithms, and computation power
  • Excellence in each element of insights value chain – data, analytics, IT, people, and process

Start making intelligent decisions faster


Infosys SAP Analytics is categorized into four main pillars and these pillars deliver our four main offerings, namely:

  • Analytics Transformation
  • Big Data – Delivering value by integrating data
  • Visualization - Delivering insights via storytelling
  • Business Planning and Financial Consolidation

Our offerings ensure non-disruptive transformation, incremental value delivery, agile development methodology, and tool-based approach. We help enterprises reduce operating costs and bring agility in delivering solutions and provide new age analytics that can also be extended to integrate with other big data platforms.


Challenges & Solutions

Infosys Embedded Operational Analytics offering enables business users to perform real-time analytics on hot transactional data and helps in faster decision making.

Visualization and self-service BI offering provide an interactive user interface for analytics and reporting in real-time. It allows enterprises to run pre-created models, iterate on the same with changed parameters, and create personal views of relevant data. We also deliver descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive reporting enabling data discovery.

Enterprises need to create a data lake ecosystem integrating with HANA to gain deeper business insights from structured and unstructured data. The big data landscape or data lake combines the strength of Hadoop to store huge amounts of data in commodity hardware and SAP HANA to run complex analytics and provide instant insights.

Today, enterprises running on obsolete systems need business and analytics transformation more than ever. Infosys has devised a new system for such enterprises to provide them with a 360-degree view of their data giving insights on performance. With advanced analytics, we help business users take informed business decisions faster. Our modernized analytics system enables enterprises to have a centralized data quality system for measuring the quality of the data.

Enterprises are moving towards digitization and simplification of their analytics landscape, seeking a common reporting platform with minimum data duplicity. This helps them with an agile integration and consolidation of business data. We partner with enterprises to help them better utilize their near real-time data and achieve much improved overall system performance giving a holistic, transparent, and monadic-level view of their data.