As businesses are evolving and becoming increasingly complex, enterprises worldwide have started their digital transformation journey by renewing their business processes and IT. Infosys helps enterprises to create and execute digital transformation strategy at pace and at scale. We help enterprises transform and modernize their SAP-based applications using SAP Fiori/UI5 framework and implement new digital solutions using latest SAP technologies and platforms such as SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Leonardo, Data Intelligence, etc.

Infosys has developed multiple innovative industry solutions and accelerators using SAP new technologies with over 20 being SAP certified. Our innovative design thinking-led design with agile implementation approach has been instrumental in realizing the transformation faster and in a cost-effective way. Infosys has set up dedicated Centers of Excellence (COEs) for each of these new technologies namely AI/ML, Conversational AI, IoT, blockchain, etc. and are powering our SAP-based innovations for our customers.

Is your enterprise ready for SAP digital transformation?

Infosys is SAP’s global strategic partner and has developed multiple solutions through the SAP Co-Innovation Lab. Leveraging our Infosys Innov8 program we are developing innovative solutions for different industries together with SAP and hyperscalers. We have over 2000 trained and certified consultants on SAP new technologies. The Infosys Innovation Hubs across globe help our customers connect with our local talent and subject matter experts faster and leverage them in their digital transformation programs.

Challenges & Solutions

Infosys has multiple SAP certified prebuilt solutions and accelerators that leverage SAP new technologies and can be deployed and customized as per customer requirements, rather than building from scratch. Our team of experienced innovators execute digital transformation projects in agile methodology, coupled with usage of DevOps tools, helping in faster realization of the expected outcomes.

Different user personas will have different expectations from a system based on the role they play as an employee, customer, supplier, etc. Our persona-based design approach with design thinking as a backbone and involvement of our UX design experts helps deliver innovative consumer grade applications with better and faster user adoption.

Leveraging SAP Fiori/UI5 and other SAP mobility frameworks, Infosys helps enterprises define their mobile strategy and implement applications that run seamlessly across any devices and operating systems.

With the Infosys SAP Digital Factory model, enterprises can benefit from the scale of application development with reuse of processes, technical components, and knowledge. The offerings help reduce total cost of implementation and provide support by leveraging our core-flex staffing model.