Infosys is the trusted navigator for its clients’ digital transformation journey and collaboratively works with clients to define their digital core by bringing in the required product knowledge, industry expertise, and deep system integration capabilities.

Our comprehensive service offerings cover the full spectrum of requirements for our clients’ digital transformation, starting with impact assessment, creation of business case, and SAP S/4HANA adoption strategy and roadmap. It covers execution and delivery of complex SAP S/4HANA transformation programs including greenfield, brownfield, and hybrid implementations. It also covers application maintenance for SAP S/4HANA as well as analytical reporting after the system has been stabilized.

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Infosys leverages its proprietary methodologies like ‘Value Realization Method (VRM)’ and ‘IDEA-Activate’ to effectively deliver impact assessments and transformation programs respectively. We have a plethora of tools and accelerators for quantifiable value discovery and easier and quicker deployment of SAP S/4HANA. Our comprehensive framework and service offerings are powered by our large team of SAP S/4HANA experts and domain specialists along with our strategic alliance with SAP and other niche players. A dedicated SAP S/4HANA Transformation Center of Excellence (CoE) provides cutting-edge expertise and a delivery assurance to all ongoing transformation programs, thereby ensuring successful and time bound delivery.


Challenges & Solutions

Infosys provides a five-step approach to identify potential areas for value realization through SAP S/4HANA, business case definition, and project setup. We leverage our powerful proprietary toolsets such as ‘S/4Assist’ and ‘Infosys HANA Code Migration and Optimization (CMO)’ to provide an accurate estimation of effort required to remediate the impact of custom code and percentage of code that can be automatically remediated. This ensures the project plan is accurate and risk-proofed by up to 95 percent.

Infosys adoption strategy and roadmap offering helps enterprises choose the right SAP S/4HANA product (S/4HANA Enterprise Management, S/4HANA Public Cloud Version (MTE & STE) versus S/4HANA on-premise, etc.), the right deployment approach (greenfield, brownfield, system conversion, Central Finance, etc.) for a least disruptive adoption of SAP S/4HANA, and the right hosting approach (HEC, AWS, Azure, etc.).

Our greenfield and hybrid implementation offerings are based on our proprietary IDEA-Activate methodology, aligned with SAP’s Activate methodology. IDEA-Activate methodology, together with our industrialized delivery model, provides the structure and efficiencies required to deliver, deploy, and maintain the solution on time, on budget, and with quality.

Rapid PoC or prototyping can be done by leveraging our internal HANA lab or cloud-based infrastructure of our hardware partners, together with Infosys Catalyst for SAP S/4HANA which is a pre-configured solution developed for various industries based on a combination of SAP S/4HANA and industry-specific best practices. With our use case-based PoC offering, enterprises can reduce the overall time and cost of design of the project by up to 20 percent.

With our offering for Suite to SAP HANA: Migration-in-a-box, we deliver customer specific recommendations based on Infosys VRM (Value Realization Method) framework and implement HANA database solutions to enable real-time decision-making systems. With our proprietary tools and accelerators like HANA CMO, Panaya CloudQuality Suite™, and Database Migration Option (DMO) Runbook, we can automate the custom code impact assessment and remediation in SoH migration to reduce the overall code migration duration estimated up to 50 percent and efforts estimated in the range of 50 to 70 percent.

We offer the system conversion service offering from ECC to S/4HANA Enterprise Management (EM). Our system conversion offering is also based on our ‘Safe Passage’ methodology, with work packages that enable rapid prototypes, accelerated builds, optimized testing, accelerated migrations, rapid deployments, and safeguards. Our technical and functional proprietary tools help accelerate the system conversion, while mitigating the risks and reducing costs by up to 20 percent.

Many enterprises want to avoid a full-blown greenfield implementation and are happy to do a system conversion. However, they also want to implement new functionality offered by SAP S/4HANA to augment their existing business processes. To address these requirements, Infosys offers a hybrid approach based on ‘Shell Copy’ which not only converts the enterprise’s legacy system to SAP S/4HANA but also offers the possibility of modifying some business processes as well as adding new functionality in a relatively short span of time.