Disruption in the HR paradigm with ever changing workplace landscape, new age workforce, and technological breakthroughs have forced enterprises to be more agile. Infosys helps in holistic strategic decision making needs of enterprises by leveraging its cloud solutions, HR automation tools, and accelerators supported service offerings.

SAP SuccessFactors platform combined with our artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics capabilities reinvents a better human experience and meets the business goals.

In today’s world, it is paramount to build a culture of listening sentiments, designed to drive employee engagement across the enterprise. Infosys has an integrated Employee Experience (EX) offering with Qualtrics and SAP SuccessFactors to gauge employee sentiments throughout the employee lifecycle and to act on them real-time. This ensures that the voice of employee is considered in the HR decision making process.

Infosys Solution for Human Experience Management

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Our design thinking-led approach, Value Realization Model (VRM™) to track the delivered value from day one of engagement underpinned by our proprietary Accelerated Cloud Transformation (ACT) methodology, helps us to align with enterprises’ business strategy, people organization, and amplify the workforce experience.

Leveraging the Infosys Innov8 program, we are building range of solutions and accelerators across industry segments to revamp HR business processes. These solutions complement the suite of HR solutions offered by SAP SuccessFactors.

Infosys Experience Management solution ‘reopen with confidence’ helps enterprises reopen with confidence post Covid-19 and enable exceptional employee experience with Qualtrics.

Infosys is now a certified SAP® Recognized Expertise in the area of SAP SuccessFactors® Employee Central and Payroll solutions


Challenges & Solutions

With the advent of a multi-generation global workforce, demographic shifts have altered the engagement needs of an enterprise. Infosys SAP SuccessFactors solution offerings enable working across time zones — anytime, anywhere on mobile devices and other user-friendly devices while addressing data security.

A heterogeneous and distributed workforce demands a flexible feedback mechanism with on the go capabilities and device compatibility. Our SAP SuccessFactors offerings and capabilities enable enterprises with intelligent systems, catering to whims of a diverse cultural workforce yet maintaining an overall standard.

SuccessFactors data models, though sometimes available as standards, have a need to be mapped to the business requirements, compliance topics, and decisions on how much to migrate. This has its own challenges and complexities for different enterprises and needs to be addressed jointly by IT, business, and supplier. Infosys’ expertise in tools like Infosys Data Services Suite (iDSS) and SAP Infoporter helps mitigate these complexities.

Engaging Infosys entities such as WONGDOODY and Brilliant Basics, and leveraging our global Innovation Hubs we conceptualize the right user experience in consideration with the available client IT landscape. We offer the most comprehensive solutions for user experience and focus on using one click features on platforms such as WhatsApp for transactions and mobile data analytics for faster decision making.