With decades of experience enabling SAP Customer Experience technologies, Infosys brings a spectrum of offerings and capabilities to provide an integrated, consistent, and streamlined dialogue across all your customer touchpoints.

Together with SAP, Infosys Innov8 program can accelerate digital transformation and redefine the customer experience, thereby powering intelligent enterprises. We have a proven track record of delivering end-to-end digital solutions across sales, marketing, service, e-commerce, and customer data cloud systems using SAP CX cloud solutions.

The COVID-19 pandemic has radically disrupted the work environments. It is paramount for organizations to take the actions to ensure employees feel safe returning to work and that customers feel confident engaging with businesses in person. Infosys Experience Management solution helps enterprises reopen with confidence post Covid-19 and enable exceptional employee experience with Qualtrics.

Future-proof your business to keep up with growing customer expectations with Infosys SAP CX offerings


Infosys SAP CX offerings are powered by our SAP C/4HANA consultants, rich proprietary toolsets, proven de-risked methodology, strategic SAP alliance, and a dedicated C/4HANA Transformation Center of Expertise (CoE). Our extensive capabilities in CX process consulting, SAP CX applications, along with our design thinking-led consulting approach and comprehensive cloud methodology, help organizations redesign and enhance customer experiences.


Challenges & Solutions

Sales is the life force of any company. Sales teams need the right content, tools, and predictive recommendations to spend more time selling and focusing on top opportunities. SAP Sales Cloud service by Infosys is designed to meet all these requirements, revolving around the principles of: Sell More, Act Faster, and Be Relevant. It is facilitated by built-in AI capabilities and data insights to boost team performance.

Infosys partners with customers to seamlessly integrate the Salesforce automation ecosystem like CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) tools, Commissions, Master Data Management, Commerce Cloud, Marketing Automation, and Partner Management tools.

In any sales organization, it is critical for sales reps to be motivated. An important strategy for sales force motivation is to provide them an effective incentive and commissions management solution. For many organizations, the sales compensation rules and processes have become extremely complex. Infosys Sales Performance Management service by SAP CallidusCloud helps in reimagining compensation. It covers all aspects:

  • ‘Reward’ sales team by creating sales compensation programs
  • ‘Automate’ to eliminate manual processes, and
  • ‘Grow’ by building scalable processes

Service is at the core of customer experience and is the next big differentiator. We need to enable multiple channels for customers to raise the service tickets — self-service portals, chatbots, QR code scanning, and automatic IoT-based triggers. When issues are routed to field service agents, they need mobility, insights, and collaboration right on the job.

Infosys SAP Service Cloud solution helps you innovate customer service with an omni-channel experience, AI-powered customer engagement, intelligent predictive service, and seamless field service. SAP Service Cloud helps you deliver these effortless and exceptional experiences to your service organization, be it your service agents, field agents, or service managers.

Today's digital consumer is demanding, driving global conversations on their products and services and influencing brand image and bottom line more than ever.

Infosys’ end-to-end marketing service leverages SAP Marketing Cloud to help build deeper customer relationships by delivering personalized messaging across any channels such as social, text, mobile, email, or other applications. These messages can be aimed for both of organization’s B2B partners or B2C customers.

Infosys’ SAP CX practice works together with WONGDOODY, an award-winning Infosys digital creative agency, to deliver world-class customer experiences at every marketing touchpoint. We partner with brands to guide them on their digital transformation journeys by developing a digital experience ecosystem with services ranging from strategy, design, user experience, and technology development to engage customers across their entire decision making and purchasing journey.

The world is becoming more and more digital every day. As a result, customers today have high expectations and demand seamless experience across all devices and channels. Infosys’ Commerce Cloud offering, powered by SAP, delivers a modern commerce cloud platform that propagates product information in an efficient way to enable omni-channel experience, and provide consistent and superior customer experiences across all touchpoints.

In today’s world, only those organizations that rapidly evolve based on customer feedback will flourish. Therefore, it is paramount to build a culture of listening sentiments, designed to drive action across the entire organization. Infosys’ solution with SAP CX and Qualtrics brings together customer data, machine learning, and microservices technology to power real-time customer experiences across sales, service, marketing, commerce, and beyond. We help clients in implementing, designing, and running their experience management programs to elevate the customer experiences.

Global business having multi-country, multi-brand, and omni-channel presence is becoming the new normal. In order to stay ahead, building resilient system which would be lightweight, easy to maintain, and with optimal performance would be a key differentiator.

Infosys’ Commerce Cloud offering, powered by SAP Product Enhancement for multi-country, multi-channel solution with the concept of ONE-catalog, index, synchronization, and centralized view, is faster to take it to market and kills the overhead to maintain multiple catalogs at each country, brand, or channel-level. At the same time, it is easier to maintain with reduced performance risks and lower operational cost for greater customer experience.