Enterprises operate in an increasingly complex world disrupted by new age digital technologies. The ever-changing market forces and dynamic supply chain challenges call for the organizations to have their physical supply chains supported by a robust digital backbone.

Infosys provides enterprises with intelligent, end-to-end supply chain planning solution offerings to help digitize business planning by leveraging SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP). Our comprehensive Intelligent Supply Chain Planning service helps you navigate the journey towards a digital planning solution right from value discovery to implementation and support. We partner with clients across all dimensions of the supply chain and leverage SAP IBP for improved forecast accuracy, reduced inventory, improved customer fulfilment, and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Looking for an intelligent, end-to-end supply chain planning solution?


Infosys brings together its deep supply chain expertise in industry verticals, proven track record in SAP IBP, point solutions built over time with complementary toolsets and hyperscaler partnerships — giving an un-paralleled edge and much needed boost to enterprises supply chain.

With Infosys, enterprises gain faster ROI on supply chain planning solutions with reduced risk and cost of implementation.


Challenges & Solutions

Infosys partners with enterprise stakeholders to help identify and build the business case for supply chain transformation using Infosys’ patented Value Realization Model (VRM™). Further, our collective experience of implementing solutions with varied levels of complexity helps us accurately estimate effort and cost, ensuring decisions around project initiations are taken objectively with executive endorsement.

Infosys assessment and roadmap offering helps enterprises choose the right supply chain planning product and the right deployment approach. Our deep expertise on a variety of supply chain solutions in the market including, but not limited to, JDA/Blue Yonder, O9, Kinaxis, MS Dynamics, SAP APO and IBP, coupled with industry knowledge, enables an unbiased and objective tool selection process. A detailed fitment analysis with a focus on business processes and based on a variety of parameters helps ensure transparency and confidence with the solution direction.

With our standard templates and deep technical expertise, we mitigate the risk of migrating APO solution to IBP by seamlessly providing a greenfield path to IBP implementation, baking in best practices from industry, SAP BPMLs, and our own solution repository.

Infosys has its in-house IBP system, with industry pre-configured solution sets that can be readily referenced to stand up a base data model on the customer IBP system. With standard data templates that can be filled in using ETL tools, we can quickly bring to life a supply chain solution in a customer-demonstrable view, giving an early feel for the solution that can be readily associated with.

Infosys has a catalogue of prebuilt innovations and features within SAP IBP that can be leveraged by enterprises. We work closely with SAP to co-innovate and deliver new functionality required by businesses. We have developed tools that enable us to deliver consistent results despite the ever-changing product features of SAP IBP. Infosys Impact Analysis tool allows developers to predict the impact of upcoming changes, thus enabling smooth upgrades to SAP IBP every quarter. Infosys is flexible to work on an agile mode to quickly deliver on enhancements and improvements to the existing solution.

Infosys supply chain consultants leverage standard SCOR and SAP published BPML models to benchmark processes, identify improvement opportunities, and back it up with a suggested implementation roadmap. We can help customers adopt process changes prior to technical implementations, ensuring success through the transformation process. Through extensive process-level workshops and rapid prototyping, we identify future supply chain challenges and help design process flows that guide roadmap development for supply chain planning and solutions.