In today’s world, only those companies that rapidly evolve based on customer and employee insights flourish. Hence, it is paramount to build a culture of ‘Listening Sentiments’, designed to uncover what our human stakeholders want, and then act on the weak links real-time.

Infosys integrated Qualtrics Experience Management and SAP solution powers real-time experiences across Sales, Service, Marketing, Logistics, Supply Chain, Human Resources and other departments within the organization. All these insights captured in a single platform helps in breaking the silos, increasing collaboration, and closing the experience gaps.

Transform into CX and EX leaders with Qualtrics Experience Management


We use our deep experience and platform knowledge to develop these engaging employee experiences. Leveraging our trained and certified Qualtrics consultants, as well as CX and EX practitioners, we guide organizations with best practices, customer and employee journeys, customer-centric strategies, and extensive industry perspectives. All these are backed by our global technological strength.

Infosys is also a part of the preferred Qualtrics Partner Network.

Video: Live Enterprise with SAP RISE - Elevate Supplier and Buyer Experiences with Qualtrics and SAP


Challenges & Solutions

All sectors have experienced an incredible degree of turbulence with the current pandemic. Employee safety is the top priority for every CXO in this ‘new normal’. Our focused Experience Management (XM) solution enables organizations to have a pulse of the situation on an ongoing basis, bring employees safely back to work, and improve overall employee experiences.

In a world where customers have more options than ever before, successful organizations don’t just need to react to problems as they occur, they need to predict the customer’s sentiments and resolve issues, that too real-time. The integrated CX offering by Infosys helps clients hear every customer’s voice, fix the broken experiences, and increase customer loyalty and spend.

In any organization, employees hold a lot of information in their minds and those don’t generally reach decision makers. Organizations need better systems to manage that and improve employee experiences across their entire lifecycle like onboarding, trainings, performance goals, and exit. The employee experience solution by Infosys helps companies in improving employee sentiments across all digital touchpoints. It helps in creating better onboarding experience, engaged employees, increased productivity, and reduced employee churn.

For companies with SAP SuccessFactors as the HR application, we have built an integrated solution with Qualtrics, SAP SuccessFactors, and SAP Analytics Cloud for an end-to-end flow of information automatically.

Organizations need to deliver incredible IT experiences so that their employees are empowered and motivated to perform their best. With this experience management for IT service offering we gauge insights from users on the overall technology landscape, support ticket experiences and IT project implementations. The closure of the technology gaps drives application adoptions, job enablement, and employee productivity.