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Infosys Data Services Suite: Enterprise Data Management Platform

Modern enterprises are treating their data as a strategic asset. In fact, companies that are best-suited to compete in today’s rapidly changing business landscape have transformed themselves into data-driven enterprises. Big Data has changed the way enterprises understand and use the growing volume, variety, and velocity of data. This has led to formulation of new data driven business strategies with focus on improving quality and speed of decision making, along with better planning and forecasting. A well-executed data strategy can help identify opportunities to reduce cost, gain deeper insights, mitigate risk, and serve stakeholders better.

As enterprises grow, there is a need to move data across applications and systems. This could be due to organic growth, mergers and acquisitions, off-shoring, partnerships, and expansions into new markets. In turn, this has led to enterprises facing major challenges in keeping data consistent across heterogeneous systems with different data formats. These systems require complex data mapping rules that need to be updated to keep up with data variety. Modern enterprises also need to adhere to global regulatory norms. Such a mix of constraints and risks make it difficult for enterprises to pursue profitable data management strategies.

Infosys Data Management Platform

Towards this, we have developed the Infosys Data Services Suite (iDSS), which is an easy-to-use, high-performance, scalable, and cost-effective data management platform that addresses most issues in the data migration life cycle. iDSS provides seamless, zero error, data services across diverse source and target databases and addresses all data management needs for structured and unstructured data. It consists of separate modules for Data Quality, Master Data Management (MDM) and Migration Methodology, Rich Artefacts, Checklists and Toolsets for accelerating Data Migration and MDM.

Key features

  • Data Profiler and Quality Suite that enables quality assessment of source data and aids MDM adoption
  • Metadata Extractor that helps identify system data and definitions
  • Rule Builder that enables data transformation based on target system
  • Data Loader that imports the transformed data using native import utilities and scripts
  • Reconciliation Reporting that provides automated management reports depicting field-level data load statistics that detail the before and after transformation results

Benefits of iDSS

  • Automated migration and reconciliation using easy-to-use user interface-based options
  • Lower license costs and easy offshoring, which increase Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Easy customizations for diverse source and target databases, including connectors and utilities
  • Extensibility that enables customization of processing functions
  • High-level automation for increased execution speeds and reduced errors
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