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ICD 10 Crosswalks for Providers & Payors

The healthcare industry can enhance the effectiveness of crosswalks in ICD-10 implementation by using out-of-the-box maps of general equivalence mappings (GEMs). Organizations can develop a meaningful crosswalk by analyzing existing coding practices, code usage patterns, and the financial outcome of codes used.

Read blogs on the need for crosswalks for providers and payors, best practices in developing crosswalks, and how payors can realize the benefits of ICD-10 migration with a clinically sound crosswalk.

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Necessity of crosswalks for a successful ICD-10 implementation

Why do payor and provider organizations that meet the timelines for ICD-10 compliance need crosswalks?

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ANSI X12 275 is the only means for payors to develop an agile crosswalk

Payors can address the lack of in-house clinical data and develop clinically intelligent, agile ICD-10 crosswalks by making EDI X12 275 transactions mandatory with providers and trading partners.

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